Statement – intent

I have always been passionate about creating new worlds whether it was building jungles out of string and stapled paper as a child, working on public sculpture projects as a student or creating new and exciting places in the digital realm as a professional. Making fantasy just a little bit more tangible is what drives me every day. The problem solving and exploration of new technology is the joy that keeps me in it.

Key Skillssoftware and hardware

  • 8 years Photoshop – texture creation and manipulation, painting, graphic design elements
  • 3 years Zbrush – sculpting, normal map generation, high to low poly bakes, characters, environment detail, props
  • 3 years Maya – Modelling, UVs, basic rigging and animation, texture iteration, gravity simulation animation
  • 1 year 3DSMax – Modelling, UVs, Shaders, BiPed
  • VR asset creation
  • Unreal 4 – export original assets from Maya and textures/materials for placement into engine, place and adjust lighting and materials, basic shader set up import terrain maps from World Machine
  • In house middle ware – export for and manipulate models in a world editing tool, access and edit models – mostly physics shell collision work (using Havok physics, utilized Havok visual debugger)
  • Perforce – asset management, update and run game files to test around fixes
  • JIRA – bug tracking, bug and test case authorship, bug regressions, cross team communication, task management
  • MS Office – Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Access
  • Latest Gaming Platform Hardware Familiarity – PC, Xbox, Playstation, iOS, Wii, DS
  • Wacom tablets/Cintiqs
  • PCs through Windows 8, Macs running boot camp
  • Traditional Painting, Sculpting, Celluloid Film and Photography, Welding – Gas, MIG, TIG, Bronze art metal chasing


  • FuturePoly – 3D Modelling and ZBrush
  • Traditional Oil Painting workshops with Darrel Anderson
  • DigiPen – Associate of Animation
  • DigiPen – summer internship film project
  • University of Colorado at Colorado Springs – freshman level software engineering
  • University of Colorado at Boulder  BA – Bachelor of Fine Art – Sculpture and Painting

Projectswork history

  • Fine artist working out of Gasworks Gallery June 2007 – present
  • Production Artist June 2014 – October 2015 – FunBits Interactive Fat Princess Adventures
  • Playtest Moderator – July 2013 – April 2014 – group facilitator, administration assistance scheduling, recruiting, data processing – WB Games (through Volt) Multiple WB Games
  • Hardware Quality Assurance Testing – May 2013 – June 2013 – Microsoft (through Collabera)
  • Quality Assurance Area Owner and Test Pass Authorship  – December 2012 – March 2013 – WB Games (through Volt)  Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • Digital Catalog Specialist – August 2012 – December 2012 – Amazon (through H10 Capital)
  • Quality Assurance Testing – June 2010 – March 2012 – WB Games (through Volt) Batman: Arkham City
  • Data Labeling  – November 2008 – May 2010 – Microsoft Vendor through Aquent – Bing Maps
  • Quality Assurance Testing – October 2008 – December 2008 – Foundation9 for Griptonite dev testing – Monsters vs Aliens ds
  • Environment Artist – July 2006 – December 2007 – Nintendo Software Technology (through Kelly Services) – Unreleased Wii title